There’s no better Smell or Taste than Freshly Baked Bread


Located in the

Avon Beach Shop

The State of the Art Bakery is located in the Deli, Shop & Bakery. Here, our bakers prepare an abundance of breads, pastries, cakes and other treats. Choose your favourite to enjoy at home, or visit the Noisy Lobster where all baked ingredients are utilised.

A wonderful array of

cakes and pastries

We also offer a bespoke cake baking service to help celebrate that special occasion. Email our team for pricing and information on all cakes to either pre order for your visit to the restaurant or enjoy at home.


What we Bake


All breads used throughout the restaurant are made in house. We will also slice a loaf for you to take home

Pastries and Treats

Available in the restaurant or at the Avon Beach Shop, these really taste too good to be true!

Coffee Cabin & Restaurant

Enjoy our delicious cakes & pastries from the Coffee Cabin or in the restaurant – the perfect pairing with our large array of barista coffee and teas!


“I was so glad I chose the berry cheesecake which was rich, creamy and perfectly balanced by the flavour of fresh fruit – I savoured every mouthful.”

The Bournemouth Echo

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or call us on 01425 272162