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The Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfasts are served all year, 7 days a week. All dishes are freshly cooked to order using Fluffets Farm’s free range eggs and bespoke sausages from our local Gillets Butchers. We have some delicious, healthy options also.

The Classics

Gale Force 8 Breakfast  £11.00
2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Flat Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Heinz Beans, Toast
Gale Force 6 Breakfast  £9.00
1 Sausage, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Heinz Beans, Toast
Gale Force 4 Breakfast  £7.00
1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, 1 Egg, Heinz Beans, Toast
Vegetarian Breakfast (V) £11.00
2 Vegan Sausages, Flat Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, 2 Eggs, 2 Hash Browns, Heinz Beans, Toast
Vegan Breakfast (V+) £10.50
2 Vegan Sausages, Flat Mushroom, 2 Hash Browns, Crushed Avocado and Tomato Salsa, Heinz Beans, Rye Granary Toast
White or Rye Granary (V+) Toast  £3.20
Served with Butter & Jam or Marmalade
Gluten Free Toast £3.50
Served with Butter & Jam or Marmalade

Vegan Butter Spread Available

Extra Breakfast Items  £1.80
Please note: No swaps allowed.  Items can be added or you can ‘Build a Breakfast’ out of the items listed

Bacon (GF/DF), Sausage (DF), Vegan Sausage (V+), Tomato (GF/DF), Flat Mushroom (GF/DF),
Egg (GF/DF), 2 x Hash Browns (DF), Heinz Beans (GF/DF),
Black Pudding (DF)

Deluxe Breakfast Items
Smoked Salmon (GF/DF) £5.10
Spinach (GF) £2.70
Half an Avocado/Avocado Salsa (GF/DF) £3.70

Something Different

Pancake Stack (V) £7.30
Maple Syrup & Berry Compote
Mounties’ Choice £9.00
Pancakes, Bacon, Maple Syrup
Honey Roast Multi Nut Granola (V+/GF) £7.20
Matcha Coconut Yoghurt, Salted Maple Berry
Potato Bread Breakfast Bruschetta (V+)  £8.50
Crushed Avocado Salsa, Sundried Heirloom Tomatoes, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Dukkah
Toasted Tea Cake (V)  £3.90
Served with Butter & Jam
Selection of 4 Breakfast Pastries from our Bakery £7.50

Eggs Corner

These dishes can be made Gluten Free by swapping for Gluten Free Toast

Eggs Benedict  £8.50
Toasted Muffin, 2 Poached Eggs, Pulled Ham Hock, Hollandaise
Eggs Baconaise £9.00
Toasted Muffin, Mushroom, Bacon, 2 Poached Eggs, Hollandaise
Eggs Florentine (V)  £8.00
Toasted Muffin, 2 Poached Eggs, Spinach, Hollandaise
Eggs Royal  £9.50
Toasted Muffin, 2 Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise
Eggs on the Beach  £9.50
Toasted Muffin, Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon
Eggs & Avocado (V/DF) £9.00
2 x Poached Eggs with a Crushed Avocado & Tomato Salsa on White or Rye Granary Toast
Crabocado £12.50
White Crab Meat, Crushed Avocado Salsa, Toasted Muffin, Poached Eggs
Lobster Benedict £20.00
Poached Lobster Meat, Baby Tomatoes, Basil, Toasted Muffin, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise
Sausage or Bacon Bap £6.00
Served in a Homemade Brioche Roll

Vegetarian Sausages also available

Add a Fried Egg £1.80

We cannot guarantee that our dishes are not free from nuts or any other derivatives. If you suffer from any allergies or have any other requirements, please speak to one of our waiting team. V – Suitable for Vegetarians. GF – Gluten Free. DF – Dairy Free, V+ – Suitable for Vegans

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“Drove here for the most amazing breakfast. Several veggie options as well as more usual offerings. Definitely a Sunday morning treat worth doing. I recommend the eggs with avocado and tomatoes!”

Slugbreff Tripadvisor Sept 2016