Something for the kids

As with all of our menus, we use fresh ingredients to ensure all members of the family get the best!

Captain Kidd’s Homemade Fish Fingers £6.90
With Chips and Garden Peas
Pirate Pete’s Burger £6.50
4oz Beef Burger With Chips
Mermaid Mary's Ham £6.50
Egg and Chips (DF/GF)
Treasure Chest Chicken Breast £6.50
With Mixed Vegetables, (DF/GF)
Pieces of Eight £6.00
Pasta in a Tomato Sauce with Vegetables
Seadog Steve's Chicken Burger £6.50
in a Bun With Chips
Scallywag Sausages £6.50
With Chips and Peas

If you eat up all your food!

Get 2 Scoops of Ice Cream
For only £2.90

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“The homemade fish fingers that the kids had (more like goujons really) were delicious”

Tripadvisor 2016